The name of the planet these versions of the ancestors live on is called AEIOU. No, I'm not kidding. It's funny because it's stupid and also sounds like AU.

On this planet, the ancestors of the dancestors (try saying that three times fast) plight was based on the Story of Moses. Arcjec being the Moses figure and Calder being the Ramses figure in this context. However unlike the original story, things do not all go to plan and just like every planet in this mythos pre-game, the land has becomed ruined and the world is fated to die as a means of incentive to the players.

However, unlike on Repiton, the ancestors here are globally known and treated as touted heroes of legend. Their inevitable descendants hatching become heralded as a prophetic event for the planet, The Game is a well known construct of their lives as explicitly stated by the ancestors of old and they know this specific group of twelve are destined to be the players who salvage their species.

As such, major precautions are made in a time of crisis. If you thought Repiton was post-apocalyptic, this place is meant to be about a thousand times worse. There isn't even fresh air on the outside.

The twelve of legend are taken in early as wrigglers and are placed in an untouchable and expansive facility far from civilization. Lusii are picked for them and they are monitored by an equally as expansive amount of friendly advanced AI guards to ensure their health and saftey under the care of the planet. They have all the care and resources they could ever need in this communal space, but they are not allowed to leave the premises or contact what remains of the outside world.

They have known nothing but these circumstances and have only had the companionship of each other, and the knowledge given to them by the AIs.

We were really inspired by Dangan Ronpa. Can you tell?