The people finally wore us down. I didn't think it would come to this, but, I guess it's time to divulge information about the non-canon VE dancestors.

A couple notes before we begin:

1. A lot of these concepts are old/incomplete and probably won't really be touched again. So if you're a fan or want to think about these guys on your own terms and fill in the blanks or make some decisions that we never got around to, go for it. You have our blessing to create fanworks, roleplay, cosplay, etc with these guys. Standard "this belongs to Vast Error they aren't mine" rules applying.

2. Speaking of applying rules, this is something to keep in mind as you're glancing across this page for information. This isn't meant to be a Homestuck-styled forray into dancestors complete with dreambubbles and Lord English plowing through and the like. It was going to be an alteration of VE's mythos to allow this to happen under the same context and restrictions in the comic. This means that instead of there being an entirely new planet, there is still just one troll planet at the end of White Noise's lifespan/Kheparia's cycle for The Game. It just isn't Repiton. Technically because of this they aren't really "dancestors" but it's a fun name and what they were originally concepted as. Just roll with it.

3. Certain things also carry over from the dancestors. Namely aspect, lusus and lunar sway. Soulmate/bonding rules also still apply to these guys, sorry shippers.

4. There are only the twelve souls of the dancestors in this AU, not a massive army of doomed timeline offshoots and alternate selves as neither of these concepts exist in VE.

5. At the time of writing this, only about seven ancestors have been revealed in the comic properly. So I'm only going to fill in the barebones information we have for the ones we haven't met. I'll remove this extra bit once we're out of those confines.

We good? Alright, lets go forward into charted and expressly disgusting teenage angst territory. I am a master at this.