Vast Error is a Homestuck inspired webcomic that is both a love letter and deconstructive breakdown of the source's ideas and fan culture. It was created when we (Austinado and Sparaze) were dumb thirteen year olds. It is still going strong to this day despite this.

Starting life on the now defunct MSPA Forums on March 22nd 2011, it was then scrapped and reworked before being rereleased on MSPaintFanventures on March 25th 2013. It received very few updates until December 18th 2016, where the comic then started full time production, and finally moving to its permanent home of Deconreconstruction as of March 22nd 2021.

You can feel the comic's age in its early writing and in how certain elements of some characters are portrayed at times. We enjoy working around this and improving our craft, so hopefully you'll be able to see the increasing quality as you read!

Be prepared for a story that asks a lot of you, though. What you get out of Vast Error is equivalent to the effort you're willing to put into reading it.

This story is chock full of: diatribes with obfuscating and hard to read quirks, ensemble casts, argumentative unpleasantness, skeletons, young adults facing generational trauma, alternate selves, mental prisons, non-linear narratives, on-the-spot bouts of excessively indulgent worldbuilding and exposition, soulmates, all-powerful demiurges, intentional misinformation, kaiju, shifting art styles, very specific in-jokes and references, amnesia, reincarnation, television static, gender, not gender, easily missed clues to vague mysteries, alchemic intrigue, stories inside of stories, furries, comedic occult mania, plot relevant multimedia extrapolation, interpersonal issues that are never immediately elaborated on, and Bart Simpson.


Because we like that sort of thing.

Vast Error contains material that isn't suited for younger readers or the easily disturbed.

This generally includes: Potential eyestrain (in CSS and flashes), exploration of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc), sexual/adult themes, death and gore, depictions of abuse (mental and physical) and disturbing/graphic imagery throughout.

Whenever the team deems it appropriate, specific content warnings predating the potentially triggering material will be added to the comic.