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From July 29th to July 31st (one week from today!!), we will be selling official [email protected] merch in the Artists' Alley. As marked on the map, we will be located at booth C7.

Our good friends Rick and Chase were kind enough to let us share their booth with them. You might remember us promoting their webcomic Run With Scissors earlier this year? They will be holding our hands through this experience. They'll have their own selection of merch available from their Etsy store that you can — and should — throw your money at, too. They will be manning the booth alongside Kohi and their partner Lan.

We're also hoping to have some early access 5"x7" art prints available at the booth. Three of these designs were previously available on our Redbubble store, and the fourth is one that we showed off in early 2021 that is finally able to be released in physical form...

Speaking of Redbubble: it's no secret that Redbubble has been total garbage. From the buyer's side, we've seen really shitty pricing issues as well as inferior product quality depending on your location. From the artist's side, it's been even worse. Because of our close ties with Homestuck, we've had numerous products forcibly shoehorned into a fanart partnership category, only to forcibly be pulled from the storefront for being in that category. We aren't only talking about illustrations with trolls, either; we've also had sigil designs pulled (???). And so, as we first mentioned when [email protected] first launched, we will be closing our Redbubble store within the next few weeks.

We hope to see some faces there! In the meantime, expect to see more Murrit crafting binge updates steadily hitting your feed. And yes, you will see those suggestions made real. Not all of them, though (that's a good thing).


While you're all left eagerly anticipating the end of this grubby trauma saga, I'm in here doing all sorts of crummy housekeeping. Sweeping these subjectively corporeal "floors" for crumbs of loose news isn't exactly my idea of free time well spent, but one of us has to be the guy who wears the high riding messenger pants that the occupation requires, and it isn't going to be you!

We've got all of our music team ducks in a row now, the newest little quacklings led in earnest by the old guard geese who scream away in rhythmic patterns of ear bleeding goodness. Having such an immense breadth of sonic landscapers means that the legend of Vol. 5 is again coaxed from the darkness, ready to take form. That album WILL be happening this year even if it kills us. From several feathery wings and webbed feet covered in blood, sweat and urine- a glorious reverie that strikes fear into the hearts of the non-believers will be born.

I tried to make ducks and breadth into a joke here, but then I remembered you shouldn't actually feed ducks bread, in word portions or otherwise.

The eleventh anniversary is just around the corner too. Aside from an update, I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do with it? It gets a lot harder to one up yourself every single year when you've only got so much time and manpower. I'd say temper your expectations, and not in a speculatory way where you think I'm lying to cover up some big surprise. We're "between reveals" right now, and a lot of the cool stuff we have planned needs more than just a couple more weeks to develop.

Whew! I think that should be everything. Huh? What's this? Oh, it's a couple incredible comics hidden under a layer of harsh noise.

When you aren't getting your Vast Error fix, Run With Scissors and Here There Be Dragons are there waiting expectantly for you. Both are made by our peers and collaborators, so that's how you know they're good! Networking and nepotism go hand in hand, and I have at least two of them to be held lovingly.

Remember in the 2021 year end wrap up how I said that we would be doing a call for new blood in the music team? Today is that day. From JANUARY 11TH 2022 to FEBRUARY 12TH 2022, the VEMT is taking OPEN APPLICATIONS for new members.

Fill out this Google Form, send it in to us, and we'll see if you've got the right stuff! You need to be at least eighteen years old to apply.

It's been a very long time since we've had any calls, so if you've applied before or never received a response to a prior attempt to join, you're more than welcome to try again!

Good luck to all of you aspiring and interested makers of music out there!

Happy New Year Vast Error-ers! I think we're just going to call 2022 an extension of the "Year Of Vast Error". Is that cool with all of you? Are we good? Good.

In case you missed it, we had a couple Yulepassing gifts on our Twitter! Most notably a peek into our upcoming walkaround, you can take a look at that here and the SBB Vol. 12 teaser here!

We also have a brand new, on-site music player now! It was developed by VEMT member Cerulean a long while back, but recently finalized for release over the past few weeks.

Every track from every VE album can be directly downloaded and seamlessly streamed with no replay limit however you want, whenever you want! We'll also be using this platform to occasionally release SINGLES from upcoming albums and SMALLER EP'S that just wouldn't have looked as good on Bandcamp. Which isn't going away anytime soon! It's just going to be an alternative platform.

Our most recent release is an EP drop of an upcoming Vol. 5 track titled 'GHOST WRITER'. A nearly six minute look into the twisted mind of everyone's favorite metaphysical sub-narrator, Mimesis. It was ALSO done by Cerulean, with lyrics written by VeritasUnae and vocals by CircleJourney! The song took months to do, and it was time very well spent. A chill remix and the track's instrumental are also up!

We're still working on getting credits sorted, profiles filled, bugs squashed, and new features thought of. If you have any issues or ideas, let us know on the player's GitHub page!

Have a great year everyone! More updates (with or without small children) are on their way.


It's been a tumultuous period for vasted errors everywhere. We really had it all this year! The terrifying lows, the dizzying highs and the creamy middles. Sure, we may have offended some of the blue-noses with our cocky stride and musky odors, but in the end I feel as though we all learned some very valuable lessons. Lessons that I will recount in earnest like this is the end of a children's program.

Right after I make a quick announcement.

12/18 is a lesser known funny number date, but a funny number date all the same. It's when VE started consistently updating again, back in 2017. It doesn't get as much love as its more successful older sibling, so we're doing something special for it this year: an in-character AMA with the comic's cast! Answers will be done in main comic style, with writing from me and accompanied with sketched panels by the art team.

Be sure to read the rules and send in a question or two! We'll be accepting them for the next three days on Twitter, Tumblr and our Discord.

Another date I don't usually like to miss is the holidays, so keep watch for a couple gifts this Yulepassing season.

Okay, now let's get to brass tacks:

PROS OF 2021 - Completely shifted to DCRC, had a huge celebration of VE's decade of existence and revealed several new projects, made ~322 (haha) pages of content in the main comic, including two animations, and edited all prior pages, released two volumes of Snowbound Blood, finished Syzygy and started Haustoria in Thaumatrope, dropped 18 pieces of original music and rereleased Vol. 1-3, created a brand new wiki and opened a goddamn store.

CONS OF 2021 - The entire team was physically and mentally hanging by a thread doing all of this.

It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that we've bitten off a bit more than we can chew. Not all of the acquired burnout is the fault of VE or its projects, but we've created a beast that needs to be constantly fed and tended to. Even with an over three month hiatus during the summer, we were still running ourselves ragged to prepare for the return and then doing 30+ page updates after the fact.

We wanted to live up to the assumed expectations of those who are invested in what we do, and in doing so momentarily lost sight of where the passion part of this passion project was. Working on everything at the same time turned into a grind, which we accidentally enforced on ourselves because we felt like we had to. Reaching this point is often the kiss of death for a project like VE, so we needed to reel ourselves back in.

All of that is to say we've decided to go back to the "updates whenever" mentality. This means expecting smaller updates at a more leisurely pace, not only so we can work on the other DCRC projects that require our attention, but also so we can readjust our limits and have time to do other things beyond VE. Dogged devotion only gets you so far, especially when you basically work for free outside of what the good will of others brings you. Everything is subject to change depending on our mood, of course, but consider this to be our baseline from now on.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at everything on the docket and see where we're at right now.

THE COMIC - This year didn't hit our usual production strides due to animation work and the hiatus, but it's nothing to scoff at. A3A1 is still in its early stages and will probably be about as long - if not slightly longer - than Act 2. From what we've seen, the reception has been very warm and we're all extremely happy to get back to the main cast! No other major animations are planned for a while yet, so it's going to just be raw panel-by-panel narrative for the time being, just like grandma used to make.

Other than that, our first walkaround should be coming about halfway through this act, and it's going to be a very involved "all hands on deck" type of project. It's a mini-RPG inspired by the likes of classic RPGMaker titles, Deltarune and OMORI. We'll be posting updates on it as more groundwork is laid out and concepts are finalized.

SNOWBOUND BLOOD - The game is at its conclusion and will be completed next year with Vol. 12 and an epilogue. As previously stated in other newsposts, Vol. 12 is significantly smaller in scope than Vol. 11 and will not be nearly as long or asset heavy, though what it does need is still going to take us some time to finish. As if we aren't taking this story into that goodnight kicking and screaming with cinematic flair.

THAUMATROPE - Not too much to say about it. Xam's been doing a great job and it's chugging along at a steady pace. Expect more Haustoria updates throughout the coming year! Pay no mind to the strange plant growths taking over your bodyparts.

RERUNS - As much as we would have liked to get Reruns out at the end of this year like we planned, it's just not happening. While there have been varying degrees of work done for several comics (and even a couple in the midst of being finished), we simply don't have enough prepared for release anytime soon. It's not explicitly on the backburner, but don't expect anything from it until we have enough to sustain a monthly release schedule.

WARTORN TRAILS - Preliminary work has been done for the story, and some writers and artists have been courted, along with a bit of concepting here and there. Aside from that, not a whole lot of progress can be made until Snowbound Blood wraps. It won't be happening until late next year at the EARLIEST, and even then, I doubt it.

MUSIC - Solid year for VE music all things considered! Two albums a year is often the benchmark, and we technically succeeded at that. We're sitting on a bunch of tracks that could make up the fabled Vol. 5, but I'd like as much engagement with the VEMT as possible before releasing that record. Reminders Of You is still being slowly but steadily worked on, though it hasn't been an easy production for several factors that neither the team nor votl can control. I've also been considering doing an open call for new blood for a while now, so if there are any  musicians willing to spare a tune in their free time every so often? Keep an eye on our socials.

[email protected] - Our storefront was a great success! We're in the midst of preparing to send out everyone's orders that were made within the preorder period, and then those who came later soon afterwards. We'd really like to thank everybody for their amiability and patience, as this is a very small and new operation that requires a lot of work that can't be done full-time. New waves of merch are planned to happen later next year, but we don't have any specific dates in mind for them. It will all depend on our revenue and how we decide on further manufacturing. Doing what's currently required of us is our top priority.

And that covers just about everything! All of us here at DCRC hope you have a great holiday and an even better new year.

See you all in 2022!