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Hello netizens! :) It's a newspost from yours truly! Really working my way up from shitposts, what a special time to be alive...

But you know what else is a special time? Black Friday! Stay seated, there's no need to dart out of your hives and get trampled. There's plenty of deals for you right here in the comfort of wherever it is you're sitting.

For starters, the Secondary Cast Charms have just gone up for pre-order! Get while the getting is good, just don't put Edolon on a Christmas tree (or do, I can't tell you how to live your life). Those of you who were asking about the original 12 Holders Charms aren't out of luck either, though their price will be raised to $15 after the current stock goes out, so make sure to act fast!

Rejoice...and be JOLLY!

Here's a joke:

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"


"Metrocon who?"

My house is bombed before the question is answered.

Anyway, I will be at Metrocon from July 14th-July 16! All of the usual fare going on. Nothing abnormal whatsoever, except for the fact that you will be seeing my face and will have to listen to me incomprehensibly babble within the confines of meatspace.

Do keep watch on the DCRC socials though! Rumor has it there might be some sort of off-record meetup in the cards... Secrets to share... Treasures to plunder... Oh ye gods I'm becoming a pirate... Yargh...

I've been meaning to write a newspost for over two months now, but every time I've tried to start something gets in my way. Most notably a downright unbearable sinus infection that developed after coming back from Megacon. After dealing with that for a month or so, the leftover remnants of it spurred into an ear infection that I had to deal with for almost another two weeks. I'm pretty sure I've lost more time to illness this year than I have over the course of the last several years of my life. My immune system is notoriously batshit insane, but I guess all of my luck reserves finally ran dry and something had to keep me humble.

What about the rest, you might ask? Pure, unbridled lethargy, I might respond. It's a killer.

Anyways, let's recap some stuff you might have missed!

For Vast Error's 12th anniversary festivities, we tried desperately to get [S] Murrit: REW/FFW. out the door to no avail. It was a fickle beast that tried to elude us in every way it could, but we were thankfully victorious a few days later. Since then you'll notice we've been in something of a SCENE SELECTION, which is that aforementioned narrative device that I said everyone would be pleased with a few posts back. That seems to be the case so far! It'll also include those ~50 pages that were originally supposed to come after [S] Incursion. I'm glad I waited on that, because the scene we have planned currently is far stronger than what I had planned back in 2021. HOPE YOU ALL LIKE LONG SHOUNEN-STYLE FIGHT SEQUENCES! This comic is actually at LEAST 1/5th secret action manga. The only difference is that the gay people aren't implications in our work- they are so extremely real. I can only hope they will get realer still as we go along. That's my pirate dream waiting for me at the end of my ninja way.

There were also a few other check-ins we made on currently unfinished and unreleased VE projects. Such as the long-awaited walkaround, Wartorn Trails, Reruns, Thaumatrope Pt. 3 and even the Adventure Map of all things.

But most importantly was the announcement that RUN WITH SCISSORS will be joining the DCRC family following a full site rework/rebrand sometime in the not too distant future!

Really feels like I can't go one newspost without mentioning it, but it coming to the site is going to mark a turning point of sorts. I don't know how to tell you this, but DCRC was never planned to just be a place for VE to rest. If it was, it would have never been made in the first place. The plan with the site moving forward is for it to be a hub for like-minded creatives to be able to share their own strangely unique stories that can't be done anywhere else. Where that takes us? Who knows! But this is only the start of many future collaborations. New stories unbound by medium that are helmed not only by me, but by other team members and extraordinary talent who deserve a place without creative limits or labels. Except the DCRC label- that one is cool.

On the subject of breaking the artistic bank, the VEMT has put out two (relatively) new releases! Magnum Opus and Faux Dramatica are both up on the comic's Bandcamp and the DCRC Music Player, respectively.

If you have the spare time, give the release stream VOD for Faux Dramatica a watch. Rom did an impeccable job making the stream an experience unlike anything else we've done for the comic before. We occasionally stream on the DCRC Twitch channel if there's something interesting or important to show off, so feel free to follow that if you want.

And since we're nearing the middle of the year, I feel a little beholden to give a general kind of look through of what's cooking behind the scenes.


P.S I am going to be at Colossalcon in Sandusky, OH from May 31st-June 4th! Hanging in the artist's alley, signing autographs, doodling, taking pics, selling buttons and prints, you know how it goes. All of you are required to come out and give me your finest Repitonian representation. One of you have to do White Noise eventually; it's a matter of when, not if.


The news is that I will be attending Megacon from March 30th to April 2nd, yet again poised deep into the swampy, mouse-controlled sweat central of Florida: Orlando.

Joining me as my entourage this go around will be our very own Tyson! You may know him from the sakugabooru recognized animation that portions of our comic are now well regarded for. Rick and Chase will also be joining as per usual too! They're very good sports about basically letting us piggyback with them and hog their booth whenever they aren't efficiently speedrunning through setup in the artist's alley.

Speaking of art! The con-exclusive buttons got tossed out like cheap cigars wrapped in hotcakes, so we might do something similar this time! What exactly will that be? Perhaps... come to the con to find out? At worst, we will definitely have some milquetoast buttons for fans who are less quick on the draw and worthy of our grace.

Haha, just kidding. We love you guys! Not you, though. You know what you did.

Also, if you're an astute watcher of dates, you and your fellow impatient cohorts have probably recognized that Vast Error's twelve year anniversary is fast approaching. No, don't trouble yourself reminding us, we could never forget. We're working ourselves to the bone in the background and have been for the past couple months. If last year was a breather, then this year is going to be yet another high-octane roller-coaster of drops, announcements and shit to clean out of your pants.

Clear your schedule for the day! Actually, clear your next two weeks. We're about to get CELEBRATORY.


Time to interrupt your patient waiting with some "News" and "Announcements". As you can see by the progress bar above, we are ticking right along. Finalized assets are dropping in, and are being slammed into the animation timeline just as quickly. Stuff Is Happening. Here, have some teaser proof of Stuff Happening:

The plan is to release the animation and then take one last buffer for a week (give or take) in order to start going hard on thumbs and sketches. After that? We will be back to our 2-6 day update schedule for the foreseeable (by which we mean probable) future.

Speaking of Stuff Happening, we've actually got some pretty exciting news for you all! Specifically: news regarding the website. The one you're probably reading this news post on.

After a number of years talking about it, we're finally moving ahead with the DCRCv2 site rewrite.

We've made a publicly available Patreon post detailing the site's history and the planned changes coming with DCRCv2 that you can read right here.

And finally, on a smaller note, we've opened the DCRC Wiki back up to account creation. If you've been itching to make an account to update the DCRC Wiki with info about how ██████ and ██████ ███ in Snowbound Blood: Volume Twelve, now's your chance.