TALALD: i cant believe it!!!!!! this is all really working!!!!!! i mean i knew it was going to work but the fact that its still working puts me in stitches!!!!
TALALD: i didnt even know what ed meant by reconnaissanceing the stronghold until now, but we should definitely do it again sometime if these are the results!!!!!
POZZOL: and WHAT results THEY decided TO be
POZZOL: FOR a CHANGE i THINK you GOT more THAN one REASON to BE a LITTLE boisterous OVER something
TALALD: and youre just happy we had steamed hams in the city and you got to smash that one red guys face into the counter and take his hand arent you?????
POZZOL: was THE only FAIR trade OFF if YOURE asking ME
TALALD: he didnt work there though!!!! our food materializes through the power of automated paste science thingies!!!! thats what the sign said :ooo
POZZOL: surprised YOU remembered EVEN that MUCH of THE picture
POZZOL: BUT it AINT like WE didnt GET granted A fast PASS out OF the GREASEPAN on BOTH occasions
POZZOL: MADE me EXPEL a FEW wasted GRACES on OUR sour LIFEBOUND soulfriend BUT i NEVER once DOUBTED your EXCEPTIONAL guesstimation SKILLS
POZZOL: least NOW shes GOT something TO chew ON until OUR joint PROPHECY gnaws AT her
TALALD: big als real good at keeping things in check!!!
TALALD: wed have been pancaked just like that guys face if he hadnt zooped us out of there!!! heehee!!!!!!
POZZOL: WHY dont YOU go ON and TAKE your VERBAL jingle OVER yonder TO ring THEM in FOR us
TALALD: are we really good??? did we really really really really really make it without tripping in our skipping?!?!?!?!
POZZOL: SEEMS more THAN solid WERE you TO be GETTING my SENSE of IT all