ALBION: *are*you*ready*to*join*me*my*guardian*?
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******we are sorry, our child*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******there is something we must tell you*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******and a divine intervention that you deserve to be ready for, before it comes to pass*****-

ALBION: *i*could*sense*the*tension*in*your*writhing*.
ALBION: *please*explain*.

GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******we have not been forthright regarding the truth of our form*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******and the path of your belonging*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******this coil we are bound to*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******it does not lead to a savior*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******your soul is not meant for apotheosis*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******and this world is not meant for reincarnation*****-