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Your name is DISMAS MERSIV.

When you were younger, you were forcibly taken in by a SKULLTITAN YOUNGLING, one of the planet's most RAMPANTLY DESTRUCTIVE fauna-based environmental issues. Once, these creatures were thought to be extinct, due to both the EXTENSIVE ARCHITECTURAL BATTLES waged against them and their penchant for FRIVOLOUSLY PICKING FIGHTS with other ULTRA BEASTS OF BURDEN.

In actuality, a select few of them managed to survive, burrowing deep into the PLANET'S CORE and retreating into obscurity. For eons, they survived solely off of the RADIATION that your world's center emanates, before resurfacing without warning, NASTIER THAN EVER and ready to battle it out in a bid for the title of RULER OF ALL MONSTROSITIES — to everyone else's detriment.

Only the weaker minority of the species ever takes on any sort of caretaker role, in nothing more than a self-serving ruse that ensures they are fed the POTENT IRRADIATED ORES they crave on the regular.

Not complying with this arrangement would leave you AS GOOD AS DEAD.

As such, you are forced to MINE at the bottom of your NEIGHBORING CANYON LANDSCAPE in order to feed your guardian. This doesn't mean that you're not one to REBEL AGAINST AUTHORITY — quite the contrary, in fact. It's an aspiration you've taken a liking to, but CONSISTENTLY OVERESTIMATE YOUR ABILITY TO EXECUTE PROPERLY.

These mini-rebellions of yours are grounds for territorial abuse from your custodian, as far as he is concerned, and so you have had MANY SCRAPES WITH HIM over the sweeps. The poison in his claws alone would usually be more than enough to kill, but your body has a PSEUDO-HEALING FACTOR that mends your wounds — albeit leaving you SCARRED AND DISFIGURED in the process. You are EXTREMELY SENSITIVE about this, and make sure to COVER YOURSELF UP as much as possible.

The majority of your time is taken up STUDYING OLD DOCUMENTARY TAPES in order to find a way to PERSONALLY MURDER HIM. And also the rest of his ILK OF CRUST-DWELLING ABOMINATIONS, of course.

Oh, and sometimes you're forced to play games.

Your trolltag is gigantisDebilitation and your reser\/ed tone is r/\ther sh/\rp///

What will you do?