Dismas: Examine corkboard.

If the world WERE to end, though, the cause would not be some sort of cataclysmic event tearing through your planet's surface. Oh no. No, your planet's demise is far more likely to come from DOWN BELOW, by virtue of a bunch of rabid monstrosities tearing through the planetary shell with their scorching, azure beams of mouth-plasma. You are very certain of this.

Similarly to the majority of the LOWER BLOOD CASTES, these creatures have evolved to further enhance their already powerful forms with INNATE SURVIVAL ABILITIES. Although, as far as your custodian in question is concerned, these skills are not utilized for anything other than MAKING YOUR LIFE HELL.

You possess an extensive collection of notes detailing skulltitan powers and battle habits, based on what you were able to analyze on film and through firsthand experience, as well as the most effective strategies of taking them down. You have refined these strategies by testing them on SMALL SCALE TRAINING DUMMIES.

In the past, the best method was to use MECHANIZED TECHNOLOGY — more specifically, controlled fighter savages — to fend them off, but these units were all DECIMATED a long time ago. Most techniques from back then are unavailable to this day.

Which is truly a shame. Those flimsy, knock-off SLIME-POWERED MECH SUITS that constitute the current modern standard just do not make for good combat ready machinery.