[I2S1] ======>

Hustle gruffly spouts that he's glad you were able to make it here. You say that the concierge didn't exactly give much choice in the matter. He shrugs it off and notes that a good coincidence is a good coincidence. You ask what's so good about it. Bones relays that he was actually able to dig up where the ANOMALY SOURCE is and more or less figure out what it does. He got you some information about this probability and has been pretty busy leveling the various rooms in order to try and weed out the guy's location. You tell him that's swell and all, but what's the catch? There's always a catch.

Says that he doesn't have long to chat, the source only lets him pop in for a few moments at a time, but this specific alteration is one of the major ones keeping the place standing on its wonky legs. If they kill all of the punks here and collapse the iteration, the rest of the joint may very well fall with it. You're not gonna like the easier option, though. This piques your interest, but Bones says he's gotta book.

The versions of your group bumming around here have already done a bit of the cold-blooded heavy lifting, so all you gotta handle is the follow through.