[I2S1] CD: Converse with CB and HD.

CHARMED BONES asks if you're the REAL Charmed Defalcator, to which you reply that you're pretty sure you're the only one maybe. Depends how you look at it, really. Hustle Defalcator groans and tells you that he's been screaming until his pipes got sore for you to pay attention to him. He heard from another set that you were here to settle the score with—

You shush him gently. If he says their name, they'll be onto them.

HD says that he's more than willing to help with the cause. In his universe, they got the better of his gang and decided to SWAP THEIR BLOOD around for the hell of it. Which as everyone knows, means you're actually SWAPPING PERSONALITIES.

You're a little perplexed by this and ask CB what his blood type is. CB says AB positive. You say that's a negative on your end. So it's AB negative, he asks? It's not, you say, you're positive of that. So it is positive! He thinks he's got it. No, you reply. Oh, he muses dejected. No it's not O either. Okay, he says with a solemn resignation to his voice. OK isn't a blood type, dingus!

HD tells you both to shut your candy gobs.