[I2S1] DD: Double check the stock before the next rush comes in.

You bust out THE REAGANOMIC BRIEFING and see what you have at your disposal to get out of here.

There's your PROTRACTOR and QUENTIN TARANTINO DOLL again, but you don't think there's any gravity in need of redirection or sizable feet in need of falling. You still have a few of your GARFIELD PEZ DISPENSERS left, but that's more of a distraction play. And of course, your trusty VIEWMASTER is right there as always, but simply LOOKING at other probabilities won't do much for this current predicament.

Oh well. This is surprisingly tame and pleasant compared to what you usually get from their antics, so you really can't complain too much. Your manager sure is giving you the stink eye all the way from the back room, though. Better play along for now.