[I2S1] SS: Watch the running footage.

Oh, you'd recognize these rubes anywhere. The same twelve pond squatters that you can never manage to shake off of either moon, always taking up some prime real estate. Pavlovians, they're called this go-around.

Much like your kind, this handful of suckers just keeps coming back. In different forms, with different personalities and looks, but always the same... something that carries over. Earlier in this session, one of their planets got knocked all the way out here into the FURTHEST RING, and the inherent IRREGULARITIES that come with being on the outskirts of material reality let this piece of shit find residence here to begin with.

Still no idea what they find so interesting about this plight. Even if the details are different, it always leads to the same ending. Whatever the plan ends up being, no matter how many tweaks are made and scenarios accounted for, there's no chance. You've been around the block enough times to know.

You just work here, goddamn it.