[I2S2] ======>

Sweeps of understated contention have finally surfaced as public outrage. Civilians without the patience or capacity to nurture the gifts dwelling within their souls have turned to fear, denouncing your institution. But the truth is... you've always felt that very same fear, during your darkest moments — the nagging sensation that all of you could be in over your heads, toying with forces beyond your control.

His powers DOOMED him, rotting his flesh from the outside in.

Your affinity is that for the calculated, the logical. The big picture, and the myriad chains of actions and reactions that influence it. When emotions run high, however, you often find yourself at a loss. Overwhelmed.

It wasn't any different when he was around to ease your pains, and it certainly is no different now. It took all the self-control you had not to run yourself into the ground in a fit of distress.

So you left. You've been wandering for hours, back to the only place that could still offer you solace.