[I2S2] ======>

RACREN: {Yeah i know, you're in the middle of talking to me about fun topics such as meteors and the sky and other juicy details you have probably neglected to mention about this little experiment gone awry}
HAMIFI: If anybody else displayed this level of insubordination, I would have them stripped of sigil and put on immediate unpaid leave.∞
RACREN: {Oh? i thought we were supposed to be friends}
RACREN: {We talk often enough to be friends}
RACREN: {You're always checking in on my status and trying to get me to feed you metrics}
RACREN: {Isn't being a good friend all about give and take, hamifi}
HAMIFI: This "little experiment" is not of our making. We have barely any information on what it could be.∞
HAMIFI: Me and Sestro plan on looking into the matter once we have had enough time to collect ourselves and make a statement on behalf of the company.∞
HAMIFI: I'm setting up an arrangement for that.∞
HAMIFI: There are numerous changes in direction that we plan to employ in order to accommodate those affected by the jump. ∞
HAMIFI: We have reports of power outages, strange weather patterns and cracking foundations.∞
RACREN: {And what about us}
HAMIFI: Yes, what about you.∞
RACREN: {Do we count as affected by the jump}
RACREN: {The folks taking a vacation over there on white probably aren't as amenable as i am about the mess}
RACREN: {And they're the ones that are actually adding to your revenue streams, other than the cypher cash rings}
HAMIFI: *Sigh*.∞
HAMIFI: Evacuate the stations. Report to all sectors that we are currently locking down any and all off-mass projects, recreations and distribution of goods until further notice.∞
RACREN: {Paid?}
HAMIFI: If you hang up right now.∞

-- tangentialReproach [TR] ended call with overzealousDirective [OD] --