[I2S2] ======>

GLOMER: iM just sayinG were all runninG around in circles freakinG it about soMethinG we already knew was Gonna Go down eventually
GLOMER: i think its a justified and bold Move to sit on My ass durinG an apocalypse scenario
GLOMER: plus everybody knows the news is just our political daMaGe control network
CRYTUM: O> That's true, but...  ‿
CRYTUM: O> It's not like there's any other reliable alternatives right now. ‿
GLOMER: internet
BYTCON: 0-> The man JUST said RELIABLE alternatives.
BYTCON: 0-> Hydrocoil hat posters on weird forum networks claiming they have insider information do not count.
GLOMER: we could try callinG hiM aGain
GLOMER: cry your phone has been vibratinG so Much its probably hiM
GLOMER: Make it stop
CRYTUM: O> Oh! No, that's just because I have notifications turned on. ‿
CRYTUM: O> My ringtones for you guys are coordinated, remember? ‿
CRYTUM: O> Filler has been going crazy tonight. ‿
GLOMER: why the hell do you have notifications turned on
CRYTUM: O> Because they make me feel special. ‿
BYTCON: 0-> Well, I suppose something has to.
CRYTUM: O> Wow. ‿
GLOMER: alriGht now YOUVE Got the bitchitude GoinG on cut it out Man
BYTCON: 0-> I've rightfully earned it! I have the most to lose out of everyone in this room if the economy tanks!
CRYTUM: O> You do, huh? ‿
BYTCON: 0-> I'm right.
GLOMER: chill out none of us have lost anythinG yet
GLOMER: endaris GoinG to coMe barGinG throuGh that door any Minute now like "oh deary Me boys holy fuck i have a sinGle hair out of place"
BYTCON: 0-> Care to bet on it?
GLOMER: whats the waGer
BYTCON: 0-> If that really does happen, I get to hug him in consolation first.
GLOMER: alriGht youre on
GLOMER: wait you said if that does happen
BYTCON: 0-> No takebacks.
GLOMER: GoddaMn you are insidious