Explain species mating procedures.

I will keep the social aspect of this relatively brief, as we are meant to return to it at a later time. For now, all you need to know is that this species's traditional relationship conventions fall into four distinct categories — or "quadrants" — of similar, yet varying romantic notions. They are represented by easily recognizable and color-coded symbols.

These so-called quadrants are: MATESPRITSHIPS (<3), MOIRALLEGIANCES (<>), AUSPISTICISMS (c3<) and KISMESISSITUDES (<3<).

The FLUSHED and PITCH quadrants are the ones currently relevant to our discussion — the former being characterized by a tender, more compassionate form of love, and the latter being much more tumultuous and contentious, but both nonetheless equally as AFFECTIONATE and IMPORTANT to these trolls.

And what a remarkably sentimental band of creatures they are! Yes, trolls take their courtships rather seriously, almost to the point of being territorial on the issue. Finding a mate is the farthest thing from fun and games for these starry-eyed souls. Even the initial choice of who to romantically pursue is taken with great ponderance by most, and it is hardly — if ever — made on a whim and without due consideration.

Sexual intimacy of any kind comes much, much later in the process, long after this special someone has been duly chosen. The stakes here are unusually high for what you would ordinarily expect from physical coupling, as this experience is rather life altering — not by the nature of the act, but by the fact that doing so completely closes a troll off from ever bonding in such a manner with another.

Each person only ever gets two shots at making this decision, one for either sexually intimate quadrant.

Any further details on this front, however, are not important to us at present. You see, reproduction on this planet is not dependent on intercourse. Rather, it is actualized by ARTIFICIAL CLONING.

In a few select moments over the course of a troll's lifespan, they will be asked to go to their most conveniently located REPRODUCTION STABLE, in order to leave behind some form of genetic material. These samples are to be handed off to the helpful and friendly SERVICE DROIDS — robotic assistants charged with ensuring your personal stable is as comfortable as possible, as you give back to society in the most literal sense there is.

These offerings can be as straightforward as a strand of hair, or if one is more traditionally inclined, a sample of either blood or seed. After receiving the genetic material of choice, the droid then transfers it to a classified facility, where it will be stored until it is time to mechanically pupate new younglings — "grubs", as they call them.

These grubs are crafted to be similar, yet different from their precursors, carrying their lineages and symbols back into the outside world once they mature. The precursors in question will then be known as the newer generation's ANCESTORS, and it is customary for them to be long dead by the time their descendants have hatched.