[I2S2] ======>

HAMIFI: Don't let anybody else see you, lest you cause another uproar.∞
HAMIFI: We'll call for you once the ceremony is finished.∞
TURNIN: b what???
HAMIFI: Hm, yes. "What" indeed.∞
HAMIFI: What is the point of these grand gestures, Turnin? Trying to remedy your abysmal lack of communication?∞
HAMIFI: What do you expect to accomplish by not being there until you decide it's convenient for you?∞
HAMIFI: He's under more than enough duress without his flakey lifeline crashing a critical, planet-wide event to clumsily make up for the fact that they can't do anything for him.∞
HAMIFI: Just because you know he's going to cover for you doesn't give you the right not to care.∞
HAMIFI: If you really want to help out?∞
HAMIFI: You will stay away from us right now.∞