[I2S2] ======>

SESTRO: ∞i did not expect to be up here tonight.
SESTRO: ∞this ceremony was unplanned and untimely for every single person on this planet.
SESTRO: ∞there's nothing i can say that will make our current circumstances any brighter.
SESTRO: ∞we are in unknown territory, after being brought here through unknown means, and now the uncertainty of your only providing force has been made explicit.
SESTRO: ∞a force which most people rightfully believe holds their entire lives within its grasp.
SESTRO: ∞part of me always wanted to be up here to talk about it. to dispel known fallacies about my own thoughts and the thoughts of those i've consolidated efforts with.
SESTRO: ∞the other part knows that simply stating my intent doesn't change anything.