SONGBIRD (as she sits): You were?
PUNDIT: Well, nah, not really. But we’re making it work, retroactively.
PUNDIT: Don’t mind the Champ, she’s, uh...
PUNDIT: Well, she doesn’t lose, but she might’ve not gotten to break as many bones as she wanted in her last fight.

SONGBIRD: So you cover combat sports as well? You’ve always elected to favor those with modern sensibilities.
PUNDIT: I’ll criticize anything. I don’t care. Oh, (motioning towards PRACTITIONER), this is our ship doctor.
PRACTITIONER: It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
SONGBIRD: Likewise.
PUNDIT: Not very easy to find his ilk now! A specialist, for better or worse.
PUNDIT (motioning at SONGBIRD and ENTERTAINER): And these are two of the only performers worth paying half a loop to see on this side of the world’s end.
ENTERTAINER: Hmmm... I don’t like that, actually!
ENTERTAINER: It just seems sort of mean spirited!
SONGBIRD: I don’t recall your review of my concerts being quite so generous.
PUNDIT: You’ve gotten better!
PUNDIT: At least I would assume you have. Seeing as you were directly recommended to His Honorable Noblesse.

SONGBIRD: Little wonder you don’t get invited to opening nights anymore...
PUNDIT: Amusing, then, how I was invited aloft, isn't it?
SONGBIRD: ...Or awards ceremonies, or sendoff parties, or anywhere where people try and like each other...
PRACTITIONER: I am sure you are a lovely performer.
PRACTITIONER: To be candid, I'm often a fan of watching others do what I can't do myself.

PUNDIT: You must be an aficionado of reputable medicinal practices, then.