SONGBIRD shuffles, not meeting THE ENLIGHTENED’s eyes.

SONGBIRD: Were anyone else to tell me this, I would call it absurd.
SONGBIRD: But I feel as if I had been... fated, somehow, to meet you here.

SONGBIRD lifts her eyes.

ENLIGHTENED: I am an alchemist, Songbird sweet.
ENLIGHTENED: And though my domain is that of [need to look more into alchemy for this! that is, if anything can be easily found... ]
ENLIGHTENED: The All-Mother’s forces are ever intertwined.
ENLIGHTENED: To have arrived at the day whence your path is forever set - that is fate.
SONGBIRD (awed): Is that why we’ve met here, now?
ENLIGHTENED: Of course. Though, not as you expect.
SONGBIRD (confused): What... do you mean?
ENLIGHTENED: If the night’s events continue apace...
ENLIGHTENED: Then this shall be the last time you and I speak.
SONGBIRD: But that cannot be! You and I are - there’s so many things we need to talk about.
ENLIGHTENED: It is not within my power to tamper with fate, only to scry its inevitabilities.
ENLIGHTENED: Your performance tonight will be your greatest yet.