This moon and its twin counterpart, DERSE, both revolve around a mysterious essence of UNLIMITED CREATIVE POTENTIAL, known to them as SKAIA. It has been around since the conception of this MEDIUM, feeding the little creatures with endless tales of fate, predestination and salvation. These two moons, however, once held starkly contrasting views on its existence and purpose.

You see, while Prospit worshiped the boundless possibilities the latent nucleus represented, so intimately tied to their beloved heroes growth as people, Derse had grown to despise it, out of fear that these very same heroes would utilize said force as a catalyst for ruin and destruction.

These opinions did not come from a vacuum. While the dersites were always meant to be antagonistic in nature, certain... outside influences have swayed their minds across the eons, as I watched over this universe. Far away from the soothing lulls and promises that come from Skaia's benevolent light, it is harder to stop the nefarious, dismal whispers that seep through the cracks of the Furthest Ring.

Unfortunately, there is not much I was able to do in order to stop this — and even less as time went on its steady march. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

As tensions kept rising between the two kingdoms, their respective crowds grew restless. Mass panic over the game and its players fanned the flames of war in the opposing lands, and their agents grew bolder, more desperate — way more disruptive to the unfolding of the game session than was originally intended.

Until one day, the seemingly dormant crucible reacted to the turmoil without warning, revoking access to its well of knowledge with the creation of a nigh-impenetrable force field, in a turn of events that... admittedly caught even myself off guard — for but a moment.

This resulted in an eventual and hesitant truce between the two moons —  two kingdoms formerly at war, now working together with the aim of releasing Skaia from its prison. No longer was it viewed as the passive, inanimate source of information from before, but rather as a powerful living entity, angered and disapproving of their past choices.

Little do they know that it was Skaia's plan all along to bring them closer together. It seems to have worked quite nicely so far.

And while our Blue Guy knows of these points through personal accounts and retellings originating from his moon's many inhabitants, I am the only one who has all of the little details — the only one who can see the full picture.

I am the only one who would know.

I created all of this, after all.