CHAMPION gets in between STRANGER and WATCHER, eyes fixed on STRANGER.

There is a combat-readiness to the way STRANGER twists at the intrusion, but CHAMPION looms over him - she flexes her hands, and it is clear she could break him.

CHAMPION: You’re the only person in this room who wasn’t already here before.
STRANGER: I’m the only person in this room who’s got even a smidge of an inkling as to what’s going on.
CHAMPION: Doubt that’s coincidence.

A beat passes - everyone not involved in this conflict alternately shrinks away, or readies up to face the danger. LONELY physically positions himself between the conflicting parties.

LONELY: Whoever’s doing this - and I’m not saying I’ve got the slightest idea - but whoever’s doing this wants it exactly how it's going.
LONELY: Us at each other’s throats, tearing each other apart before we even get close to them.
LONELY: The least needed thing right now is another corpse.
LONELY: What we do need is a sanity check, and that ladder.

After a moment, CHAMPION backs off, crossing her arms. STRANGER minutely relaxes.

PRACTITIONER: I suggest we stay moving in triplets henceforth. That way, there will always be a third party to... mediate conflict, should it arise.
LONELY: Finally, someone reasonable that isn’t me.
LONELY: You, busboy.
LONELY: Back to the original plan. Go get that ladder.
LONELY (considering, then pointing at PRACTITIONER and CHAMPION): Take him and her with you.

The three exchange tense glances, then head for the exit, following FORTHRIGHT’s lead.