Murrit: Gather.

TEE HANOS: This planet was beautiful, once.
TEE HANOS: My kind thrived expecting your arrival, creator.
TEE HANOS: Blissfully unaware of what we could lose with your guidance.
TEE HANOS: Or should I say... the endless amount of possibilities.
TEE HANOS: It was your misjudgment that brought this place to its dismal state.
TEE HANOS: A price paid by us, and not by you.
TEE HANOS: Time is not an aspect so easily trifled with, nor quantified. And yet our resources are finite.
TEE HANOS: As the great Gusion has rightfully told you:
TEE HANOS: The past is absolute, unwavering and unable to be changed.
TEE HANOS: This damage is a permanent blight.
TEE HANOS: It would be easy to assert simple hindsight and live in contempt and squalor, as we have been.
TEE HANOS: But, instead... we are going to offer you an opportunity to learn.