Cluttering a good portion of the Hero of Breath's dreamblock is the egregious amount of pre-delivered PROSPIT DAILIES you've so carefully cultivated over the sweeps. You doubt he's going to read them, but you've "committed to the bit", in your own words. And joke value aside, he could very well gain some valuable insight on the inner workings of Prospit, Derse and the Medium were he ever to take a look at these.

Oh, well. If it comes to that, in one way or another, you can always tell him yourself. You mean this literally.

You also notice that the nice little REST MAT you made out of the older prints has been serving him well. During one of your earlier visits, you realized that your friend has the habit of slipping out of his RECUPERACOON in the middle of his slumber, due to all the squirming about that he does. You even tried tucking him back inside multiple times, to no effect. He’s always had a tendency to be a little stubborn when he wants to.

You figured the least you could do is ensure he stay as comfortable as possible. It's what good friends are for.