ELLSEE: You should lΣarn how to makΣ food, you know¡¡¡¡ Cooking is prΣtty fun too.
ARCJEC: XDXD make food... like what? XDXD
ELLSEE: I don't know¡¡ Anything¡¡
ELLSEE: Ayala showΣd mΣ all thΣ bΣst shrubs and trΣΣs in thΣ forΣst a fΣw nights ago.
ELLSEE: I scroungΣd up a bunch of quality stuff right outsidΣ and madΣ this awΣsomΣ flowΣr bΣrry bowl.
ARCJEC: XDXD that sounds like it could be way more awesome. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD natural fruits are gross! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD they taste like chemicals. bleugh. XDXD
ELLSEE: You think thΣ rΣal dΣal tastΣs likΣ chΣmicals but Σat thΣ wΣirdo artificial flavoring that's FULL of actual chΣmicals¿¿¿¿
ARCJEC: XDXD they're better tasting chemicals! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD plus, i heard that if you eat too many it makes your stomach acid so strong that it burns through your flesh. XDXD
ELLSEE: Only lΣmons and a TON of citrus doΣs that, dummy.