ELLSEE: Oh, wait, didn't you havΣ plans tonight¿¿
ELLSEE: You wΣrΣ gonna go to thΣ moviΣs with Taz, Laivan and CaldΣr to sΣΣ that nΣw supΣrhΣro flick, right¿¿
ELLSEE: AvΣngΣr somΣthing or othΣr¿¿
ARCJEC: XDXD avengers: resynchronize! it's another soft reboot kind of deal. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD i know i've already talked your auricular clots off about it, but i'm SUPER excited to see how they get iron man out of the collective unconscious again and into the fortress of solitude. XDXD
ELLSEE: But isn't it opΣning night¿¿
ELLSEE: So... whΣn arΣ you going¿¿
ARCJEC: XDXD we aren't! they cancelled. XDXD
ELLSEE: What¿¿¡¡ All of thΣm¿¿¡¡
ELLSEE: Aw, man. You'vΣ bΣΣn so ΣxcitΣd about this for thΣ past blink.
ARCJEC: XDXD well, taz said she had some business to take care of, laivan is sick and wanted to stay in and calder forgot that his moirail needed him for something. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD which is kind of weird! y'know, because they live together. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD but whatever! it happens. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD we'll reschedule and try again soon! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD there's tons of articles and reviews and little bits of new footage in the trailers they drop! it's an hourly thing, so i've always got new stuff to look at. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD trolls who get into the "writers room" always find a way to leak out new info, too. not that i'm a part of the whole spoiler crowd. XDXD
ELLSEE: ... Don't you think it's a littlΣ strangΣ that somΣtimΣs Taz just has suddΣn "businΣss" on important days¿¿ ShΣ nΣvΣr tΣlls us what it is.
ARCJEC: XDXD i guess? but she always lets me know when she's going to be late or when she can't be around. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD so i don't worry about it too much. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD i trust her. XDXD
ELLSEE: I'd lovΣ to comΣ with, you know... if you wΣrΣn't thΣ ONLY onΣ thΣy ΣvΣr lΣt go that far. =:/
ELLSEE: I'm not thΣ biggΣst fan of thosΣ moviΣs, but at lΣast thΣn you wouldn't havΣ to miss out on it.
ARCJEC: XDXD i won't miss out! i'll just see it later. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD hey, are you okay? XDXD
ELLSEE: It's just so dumb that you can go to thΣ stronghold whΣn I'm stuck insidΣ¡¡
ARCJEC: XDXD if it makes you feel better, ari always gives me the hugest of huge stink eyes whenever i tell him i'm going there for any reason. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD but it does suck that they only let you visit places where there's not gonna be a lot of other people. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD i know it's for training or something, for when you eventually have to go. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD but maybe whenever we get around to the movies i can... find a way to sneak you in? XDXD
ELLSEE: No, no, don't.
ELLSEE: ThΣy always know whΣrΣ I am.
ELLSEE: If thΣy figurΣ out I wΣnt that far without asking wΣ'll BOTH bΣ groundΣd.
ARCJEC: XDXD yeah, you're probably right. XDXD