ARCJEC: XDXD ellsee, you're one of the greatest people i know! XDXD
ELLSEE: ArcjΣc, you don't count.
ELLSEE: BΣcausΣ you'rΣ SUPPOSΣD to tΣll mΣ this stuff.
ARCJEC: XDXD i'm saying it because i believe it! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD i really do think that miss ellsee raines is super cool, smart, funny and resourceful! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD you've got style and you know how to do so many things that i can't! useful things! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD i can't cook or make a tent and i'd never be able to find my way around without a phone or a map like you do, with landmarks and stuff! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD and you're talented too! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD i can't make fire and flowers appear out of thin air! i can't make costumes or dance half as good as you can. XDXD
ELLSEE: That's bΣcausΣ you just makΣ stuff up instΣad of actually lΣarning any dancΣ movΣs.
ARCJEC: XDXD exactly! i don't have enough of an attention span to do that! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD you can do so many things that i never will! and you'll learn even more and amaze everybody with it when we're older! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD and even if for some really stupid reason that isn't true, and everyone else forgets how amazing you are... XDXD
ELLSEE: ...You promisΣ¿¿
ARCJEC: XDXD of course i do! XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD besides, we're a... XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD what's that weird word you use all the time??? XDXD