BLUE GUY: It's fine-
BLUE GUY: I'm used to it-
BLUE GUY: But why now-?

Why now, you ask.
Weren't you the one who decided to go to sleep with the express purpose of speaking with me, earlier tonight?
It's simple cause and effect. I'm only giving you what you already wanted.
And truly, I've done nothing but give you what you desire, have I not? Ever your timeless servant, outside of both concept and causality.
But I forget my place.
For you, there has been a great passing of time since we first made our deal. I think it has been long enough — long enough that you have grown in both height and profundity.
Before, you were a mere child, meandering through existence and lacking foresight. You were immature, wet behind the ears, full of ill-conceived naivetés.
But now?
Now you are almost ready.
The moment draws near for you to fulfill your end of the bargain.
BLUE GUY: Yeah, I was kind of expecting this-
BLUE GUY: Anticipating it really-
BLUE GUY: I just wish you timed the transition a little better is all-
BLUE GUY: What do you want me to do exactly-?

Ever the pragmatist, aren't you? Always straight to the point. No time at all for any flowery prose coming from these old bones.
You intertwine yourself so effortlessly with others, in spite of how boisterous or insufferable they may act. So accommodating, so generous.
Could you not do the same for me, just this once?
It's a mutual habit of ours, rushing to aid others without a second thought. After all, the roses of our inner lives tend to remain unperturbed whenever we prioritize haste and do not linger on messy personal details, wouldn't you say?
But perhaps we should take a moment to ourselves. We could learn more about each other.
Doesn't that sound nice?
Go ahead, ask me anything.
BLUE GUY: Oh, uh-
BLUE GUY: Alright-
BLUE GUY: So what happened to your skin-?
BLUE GUY: Is it just-
BLUE GUY: Like, lying around somewhere-?
BLUE GUY: And if so-
BLUE GUY: Do you like. Need it for anything-?
BLUE GUY: Can I have it-?

Giving you my skin would necessitate me having had skin in the first place.
BLUE GUY: I just can't win today-
BLUE GUY: Nobody has anything I want-

When you ask someone a question, you must be prepared for the answer, even if it's not what you wanted or expected to hear.
Truth is of the utmost importance.
Truth shapes you, molds your very essence. It carves your being, like a chisel to fine marble, into what it was always meant to be.
Do you wish to know what you are destined to become?
BLUE GUY: What is that even supposed to mean-?
It means both nothing and everything.
The grasping of metaphors and subsequent derivation of meaning is a sign of intelligence, you know. Crypticisms and strange symbols are the intrinsic playthings of a trained, keen mind.
They harbor questions that toy with and gnaw at your intuition, that force you to come to terms with the plasticity of your ego.
What I am trying to say is this:
They keep you from being bored.
I don't want you to be bored.
Just the same, I don't want our audience to be bored.
And so, I tell a story.
A story that encompasses all the necessary engaging elements an audience could hope for.
To that end, I strive to say the right things at the right time.
BLUE GUY: Alright-
You ought to pose a better inquiry. Complacency does not suit heroes.
Are you not interested in the game you are about to play? One would think that's the subject matter you should be pursuing. It is the route that would lead to the deepest understanding of your immediate future.
However, we cannot talk about that now. We must follow the outline — each and every conversation has a goal that must be met. To divulge more than is necessary is to crucify any suspense, and with it, the narrative.
Storytelling is hard work. Almost as hard as the intricacies of social connections. This is why I take us down these winding roads: not because I enjoy taunting you, but because I wish to truly know you. These detours and esoteric topics, these bastardized cultural quirks and painfully ironic twists... they all serve to establish my position as a student.
A student with you as my subject.
BLUE GUY: Well- Now you're just rambling-
BLUE GUY: I'm gonna ask another question if that's alright-
BLUE GUY: To avoid more of that-
BLUE GUY: What more can you tell me about the game-?

...Were you not paying attention?
To reveal too much this soon would be to ruin the mystique.
I can tell you one thing, though. Your objective is to win.
Or it would be, ordinarily.
The game is orchestrated with this purpose in mind, among other things.
Unfortunately, this objective is not in the cards for your group.
I'm sure this must come as a bit of a shock, for you and the Hero of Time especially, given all the hard work that went into putting these gears into motion.
I truly apologize for this minor deception.
BLUE GUY: Wait, so we can't win-?
BLUE GUY: Then- why did Murrit and I do all of this-?
BLUE GUY: Why should we even play your game-?

Hush now, it is not your job to be overdramatic. That's my role to play.
Allow me to explain: to fail is not to be faced with an inevitable defeat.
You, like all living creatures, will undergo an evolution. Though you and your friends will experience these transformation at a rather rapid pace, and through far more esoteric means than is usual — all so you may become superior versions of yourselves, better equipped to effectively face the trials that lie in front of you.
Haven't you ever heard of that saying, "try, try, try again"? It undoubtedly applies here.
We are simply taking the necessary precautions to ensure you get your chances to do so.
BLUE GUY: Alright fair enough-
BLUE GUY: If we're all going to get another shot after we fail- I can handle that-
BLUE GUY: I'm just confused-
BLUE GUY: Why choose a game like this- If there's such a guaranteed risk of repeated failure-?
BLUE GUY: Wouldn't it be easier to pick something simpler-?

If your entire trajectory of personal development was laid out for your scrutiny from the start, plain and straightforward — such a crass display! — would you even be interested in following through at all? Knowing you, I would guess not.
Attention spans are not naturally long, and predictability only shortens that which is already unsatisfactory.
You have lived for many sweeps already. But how so? Without queries? Without debate, without protest of indignation or idle imaginings on the possibilities of the future?
You go about your routine, rendering yourself a slave to the whims of mere circumstance, and you pretend to be satisfied.
Why do you do this to yourself? Conscious beings should not suffer with no payoff. They should not endlessly toil under the perceived dogmas of others because they believe that is what is required of them. They should not stagnate.
You must orchestrate your own machinations in such a way as to create an offer that cannot be refused, so to speak.
Something so enticing that it will act as your personal foundation, a suspension to keep you from falling flat — elevate your character to greater heights.
These other games you play, they spit in the face of true challenges. They are bread and circuses.
Are you not looking for fun? Discovery? Companionship?
Or at the very least, shenanigans?
BLUE GUY: I don't know what I'm looking for-
BLUE GUY: That's why I took your offer in the first place-