BLUE GUY: Yeah- that sure is what it looks like-
BLUE GUY: Very descriptive- I guess-
BLUE GUY: But- I don't know what it is-
BLUE GUY: Or better yet-
BLUE GUY: Why it is-

And now I can tell you that much.
It is the very essence of existence — the force which powers the complex multiverse you inhabit, from its most structured lifeforms to those that are ostensibly entropic.
I preside over all of them.
It provides a heat so pure, so powerful, that it is able to sustain the thin, dividing line between the eternal perpetuation of life and the all-encompassing destruction that awaits beyond it.
It was a gift from my maker, and it is my very heart and soul.
With it, I have been able to protect all of creation from certain oblivion in their stead.
But soon — like all living beings before me — I, too, must face death.
My bones are old, and my heart has grown weak. As such, it must be returned to its birthplace, lest the breath be choked from the very cosmos themselves.
That is your duty.