AF: To think you were so awestruck at my presence, back when I bailed you out of a dire predicament.
AF: Remember that, Jentha? Remember the good times we had?
AF: And now you can hardly stand to look me in my mother's eyes!
JENTHA: no i just didnt want to p put you off
JENTHA: because looking into m my eyes would show y you something horrible
JENTHA: w w wanna know what it is
AF: Do tell.
JENTHA: the r r reflection of a s smug chuff sniffer and their superfluous ensemble of floating orbs
AF: Oh, Jentha.
AF: Jentha, Jentha, Jentha.
AF: Aren't you just a grab bag of mixed signals?
AF: Too afraid to be with others, too stubborn to die alone.
AF: What am I going to do with you, jitterbug?