: I can't BELIEVE he's doing this again
: It's like I'm the only one who— who knows when he's up to stuff!
: you shouldve just stayed quiet dummy
: murrit always riles you up
: he was waiting for you to say something yknow
: But it's SO obvious he did it!
: Also if I didn't say anything someone else would've been here
: maybe him if you kept those lips zipped
: hes pretty much always in detention for disrupting class anyway
: Wow, it's like you think he should've got away with being a stupid ass—
: hey no swears unless you want more detention
: also it was just candy
: Uh, class candy! He's got enough to last like, TWO wices at least!
: the teachers wouldve just gotten more of it
: Well!
: Yeah they're gonna have to now!