DM04: Your not a teacher!
DM04: Teachers dont Corect your typing out of class!
DM04: Also they arent big meanies like that
12119: well good thing im not a teacher then
12119: *youre *correct
12119: anyways
12119: hi

DM04: Hi
12119: whats your name?
12119: thats a weird name
12119: you should make a better one next time

DM04: Thers no next time! Thats my name
12119: ok
DM04: Yours?
12119: jentha
DM04: Howd you learn to spel and typre so good Jomtha?
12119: because i write to the other teachers a lot and they correct my typing
12119: why are you in detention
12119: are you bad

DM04: No! Im great
12119: great kids dont get sent to detention only naughty kids do that
DM04: Im not bad! I do good I pass most of my tests
DM04: Ar e we in the same class? Ive never heard of you ever
DM04: Whats your color? How many passes are you?
DM04: Im bronze but my shade is cllaed clay and im 4
12119: yellow mustard
12119: im four too

DM04: we should always be in the same class then but Ive never Seen you brefore
12119: i take special classes because i have a condition
12119: i get to play with old toys and watch videos all night
12119: and theyre nice to me and bring me food and take me places when i need to go somewhere
12119: have you seen garfield a tale of two kitties because im like when garfield is in the fuchsiablood manor

DM04: So your like an honor student!
12119: no my classes are alone
DM04: But we have no a lone classes
12119: thats why im special
12119: i get to do all the things you guys want to do and get all the great toys you dont play with
12119: i think youre missing out

DM04: Well I like to play in the fracas frames a lot and thers a lot of awesome stuff out with the big rocks!
DM04: Digging holes and playing ICEE sponsored tag
DM04: And the climbmate handles!
12119: ive never been on any of that stuff
DM04: What!! Its amaszing!
12119: i just said i stay in my block all the time
12119: i dont get to play like that

DM04: That is not fiar!
DM04: All of us deserve true playtime!
DM04: Its the best part of everything!
12119: not for me
DM04: Do you hav friends?
12119: i have toh-loo-kah
DM04: What ?
12119: my furby
12119: you guys didnt take care of them so theyre mine now
12119: theyre my best friend

DM04: Wat about trollfriends?
12119: nope
DM04: Do you wanna?
12119: wanna what
DM04: Be frends!
12119: maybe
12119: but youre not gonna be able to talk to me again
12119: this is just some weird issue theyll fix later

DM04: We can talk moer now
DM04: If you want
DM04: And if you do ill come back Soon
12119: i doubt it but
12119: maybe

DM04: Maybe yes?
12119: h
12119: aaaaaaaa no
12119: i didnt mean to send that
12119: forget i said anything

DM04: *hyes
12119: ugh
12119: fine
12119: do you like connect one