ADMIN: me and the other teachers are taking good care of jentha.
ADMIN: you don't need to worry about her.
DM04: CaN Italk to her again?
ADMIN: not right now.
DM04: Why?
ADMIN: it's hard to explain, but she has a few problems that aren't easy to manage.
ADMIN: it's not her fault, or yours.
DM04: I told her I would be back
ADMIN: i know, i was the one who let you talk to each other.
DM04: Then whycant I talk to her now
ADMIN: remember those problems i mentioned? they make it hard for us to let her get too excited, because then they could cause even more problems.
ADMIN: it's not very fair, and that makes me feel bad.
ADMIN: but we have to keep her in check until the problems are fixed.
DM04: She dopsent have problems
DM04: Shes fun
ADMIN: i wish i could explain it better to you.
ADMIN: what i can say is that i wanted to make sure she has somebody that knows her when she graduates.
ADMIN: someone to connect with, that she can enjoy her younger sweeps with.
ADMIN: you can still be friends, it will just have to wait a bit.
ADMIN: but you'll see each other again.
DM04: Soon?
ADMIN: when you're older.
ADMIN: it will be like it was fate.
DM04: Thats to long!
ADMIN: not long enough, in my opinion.
ADMIN: don't send yourself into detention again.

[Administrator has disconnected.]