MURRIT: i'm seein' no reason why i wouldn't be.
MURRIT: think i got exactly what i was lookin' for with this big idea of mine.
MURRIT: gettin' wise to you and your magic buddies, plus, uh— a free pass to coast outta this dump?
MURRIT: should've tried something like this ages ago!
MURRIT: your fault for not knowin' how to keep secrets.
MURRIT: seems you're payin' a way worse price than whatever's gonna get dished out to me.
MURRIT: all i wanted was a little extra fun. 'least i got what i came for.
PRINCIPAL: and your cohorts?
MURRIT: what of 'em?
PRINCIPAL: you don't care how this might affect them?
MURRIT: they didn't—
MURRIT: uh. why should i?
MURRIT: wasn't the one who started the nuclear fire, boss.
PRINCIPAL: we weren't able to find after the incident.
PRINCIPAL: as of yesterday evening, the death has been formally recorded in our databases.
MURRIT: sounds like you shouldn't have magicked her out to who knows where, then.
PRINCIPAL: i know you're trying your hardest to piss me off.
PRINCIPAL: but from what i understand, the two of you at least resembled friends.
PRINCIPAL: is that all you have to say?