Dismas: Answer you know who.

-- unclaspedKahuna [UK] began trolling gigantisDebilitation [GD] --

UK: >([wazzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup]
GD: Gre/\t///
GD: You're here///
UK: >([in za digitized meatcoat babs]
UK: >([say]
UK: >([inquiring synapse scrawlers gots a big q prepped]
UK: >([w#at say u an me get a focus test goin on #u#?]
GD: Thought you h/\ted when people /\sked stupid questions///
GD: But sure///
UK: >([bodongulas]
UK: >([stop me if youv #eard t#isun before bc t#e opening acts kindo groan wort#y]
UK: >([can you gimme an example of a paradox]
GD: Does h/\\/ing /\ con\/ers/\tion with you count?///
UK: >([does my expecting u to say t#at count]
GD: Touche///
GD: I don't fucking know///
GD: They're just l/\me /\pplied oxymorons th/\t m/\ke you sound sm/\rter th/\n you /\ctu/\lly /\re///
GD: You put /\ stock phr/\se like "freedom is wrought with /\bsolutes" out there /\nd thous/\nds of self-import/\nt snobs with digit/\l gl/\sses st/\nd up /\nd cl/\p///
UK: >([#mmmmm close but no wacky nicosucrose]
UK: >([ways im seesinnit]
UK: >([well]
UK: >([youre damned if you do]
UK: >([and youre damned if you dont]