Albion: Read.

**sanguineAllegory [SA] began trolling demiurgeQuantified [DQ]**

SA: (are you there at all?)
SA: (i know tonight is a pretty important night and you're probably busy, but i thought i would at least hear something from you)
SA: (i have not over the entire course of the evening)
SA: (and it really worries me)
SA: (especially considering what you told me about not being yourself anymore past this date)
SA: (...)
SA: (i also received a message from MURRIT about some sort of game we will be playing)
SA: (in truth it was not very helpful)
SA: (i don't really know how to speak with him)
SA: (or most of the others, for that matter)
SA: (but it would seem that i must join in, any hypothetical reservations i may have notwithstanding)
SA: (and based on what he said, so must you as well?)
SA: (i am not going to argue it)
SA: (honestly, i am just so lost as to what is going on tonight in general)
SA: (but if you could please just...)
SA: (speak to me before you go?)
SA: (it would make me feel much better about all this)
SA: (i miss you)
SA: (o^o)