AH: XDXD I never meant to ditch you for so long, Calder. XDXD
AH: XDXD It wasn't you, man. It was everything else. XDXD
AH: XDXD I didn't know how to handle myself, so I just did nothing. For SWEEPS. XDXD
AH: XDXD I sat on my ass getting burgers drone delivered to me, self-medicating and wondering where shit went wrong. XDXD
AH: XDXD But yesterday, in some sort of wriggling day apotheosis that could only have been spurred by the most ridiculous life-or-death situation ever conceived, with a bunch of lunatics that I'm stuck with for life... XDXD
AH: XDXD I realized that's not what I wanna do anymore. XDXD
AH: XDXD And I think that if a major league fuckup like me can take one little step forward, then maybe you can come along with me. XDXD
AH: XDXD I'm not going to say things absolutely have to go back to how they used to be. XDXD
AH: XDXD That's ridiculous. I know you're a different guy now, and so am I. XDXD
AH: XDXD But I refuse to believe this is who you really are. XDXD
AH: XDXD So, what do you say we cut our own deal? XDXD
AH: XDXD You stop doing whatever it is you're doing, and I'll keep bothering you. XDXD
AH: XDXD With FRIENDLY intentions. XDXD
AH: XDXD Does that sound fair? XDXD