GS: You're leaving one hell of a mess for me to clean up.
I prefer to call it organized chaos.
"Mess" makes it sound like we don't know what we're doing.
GS: For a moment, I admit I wasn't certain of that.
GS: It was easy enough to play pretend with those homunculi you dispatched to my hive, when Raines was watching during setup.
GS: And that footage you sent in advance has been instrumental in helping me divert attention towards Poemme and keep most prying eyes away, it's true.
GS: However, when you told me that you intended to tear down the remaining Corporate infrastructures on the planet, you didn't mention it hinged on a swarm of rallying nutcases.
GS: I expected something with a little more class.
Most prying eyes?
GS: I have it under control.
GS: It was risky to try and implicate your cult rather than keep to myself, you know.
GS: I was certain my claims would warrant at least some scrutiny.
GS: Luckily, it seems your earlier dealings with a few of my fellow players served as enough of a distraction.
See? All according to the grand plan. You've no need to worry.
They wanted someone to blame. Everyone does.
And I'd much rather it be me than you.
You've dealt with enough of that, I'd say.
Besides, it's a useful misdirection. Your group can use me as their scapegoat as much as they please, as long as you are free to act inside the Game.
Focus on the big picture.
We have a world to win.
GS: Right.
GS: I understand.
GS: What happens now?
Now, the next phase begins.