ALBION: *those*were*not*answers*
ALBION: *the*only*thing*you*gave*me*
ALBION: *was*a*handful*of*platitudes*strewn*together*
ALBION: *to*set*yourself*apart*from*any*consequences*
ALBION: *that*have*come*from*your*lifelong*deception*.

ALBION: *i*want*to*know*why*i*am*here*.
ALBION: *i*want*to*know*why*i*exist*.
ALBION: *tell*me*what*my*true*purpose*is*.
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******everything we have said in our last meeting was the truth*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******we told you that your purpose was to leave this doomed planet, rather than save it*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******we told you that would come to pass due to divine intervention, and it will be so*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******this is an event which we have been preparing for since we became engraved within your being*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******dearest albion, you were not the first star child to hold this position, as you know*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******but you are truly meant to be the last*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******listen closely to us now*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******there was one other before you *****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******a brilliant soul who wielded the tides of fate in her favor, despite having been turned away and betrayed by the one who was set to grant her deepest, most selfless wish*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******we are bound to her in the same way that we are now bound to you*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******and we made a promise that we must keep*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******that is why we needed to relate you a faux tale of this world, even if it pained us to do so *****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******but it was only so we could ensure the continued preservation of your own self and of those you hold dear*****-
ALBION: ...*and*what*is*this*promise*that*you*made*?
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******to keep you here, for the moment*****-