EXECUTIVE: ☊ You're going to be using that method?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ There's a limit to what you can do while under excessive physical duress.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Edolon is dangerous. This isn't study hall.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The only thing enacting conscious physiological control is going to accomplish is getting us killed.
SESTRO: ∞well. if it makes things right—
SESTRO: ∞i'm willing to die for what i believe in.
SESTRO: ∞just another way we're different.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ That helps no one, Sestro.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Perhaps let Ms. Hekrix—
SESTRO: ∞it's going to help everyone!
SESTRO: ∞and i'm going to help her!