The conjoined beasts wordlessly demarcate themselves as FIZZLEBOP SNOUTSCONE: THE UNGOVERNABLE and CORNPUFF DADDLEDEEDLE: THE HONORED.

A devilishly playful pony, Fizzlebop offers an idyllic path for the Doombound before them: a way of whimsy that will grant her a guide through challenges untold! Small ones, to be sure, but they will gradually increase in complexity until she arrives right back where she started, a little bit stronger and wiser! And it will be a RIOT.

A stalwart pragmatist, Cornpuff rebukes the notion by offering a journey through a place that her current companion cannot follow her to. It will be a lonesome route, where she might stumble into discoveries perhaps best left unrealized... for most. For her, it will mean greater heights and the dissolution of a shell that will crack and peel away the further she travels.

Unfortunately, all of these implications are glazed over in an instant, because the Witch does not give a single, solitary hoot about them.