Taz: Greet Arcjec in the nicest way possible.

--perniciousOverkill [PO] began trolling animatedHumorist [AH]--

PO: ~You.~

--animatedHumorist [AH] really doesn't appreciate you violating the sanctity of his private white boxed domicile. Anything you'd want to say to him can just as easily be withheld within your personal brain matter stew, until you regret ever thinking it in the first place. Trust me, he knows from experience.--

PO: ~Fucking ~
PO: ~really.~
PO: ~you're s+ill using some vacuous au+o-response message sys+em +o +ry and ward me off?~
PO: ~No+ going +o work, shi+wi+.~
PO: ~if i'm being forced +o +alk +o you +hen youre sure as hell no+ ge++ing away wi+h +his pa+he+ic excuse of an avoidance mechanism.~
PO: ~You are no+ going +o jus+ keep your ass plan+ed on +he floor and ignore me for however long you wan+.~
PO: ~I have le+ you off +ha+ par+icular hook for sweeps, over and over.~
PO: ~No more.~
PO: ~MY ass has been bus+ed +o ge+ you +o where you could even CONCEIVE of +his pa+he+ic, lifeless s+a+e of exis+ence you con+inue +o squander and run s+raigh+ in+o +he ground.~
PO: ~and if i have +o rip each individual limb righ+ off of your de+eriora+ing, lanky +orso in order +o drive +ha+ lesson home inside your +hick skull once and for all ~
PO: ~so help me gods i WILL do so.~
PO: ~i will drag your ragamuffin ass, kicking and squirming, ALL over +his homely hell's half-acre, you vermin pelle+.~
PO: ~so you be++er ge+ +he fuck up and help me figure ou+ wha+ +o do abou+ +his game nonsense, or i will drown you in your own corn syrup +in+ and s+ring your en+rails around my wais+ before any o+herworldly phenomenon can even +HINK +o +ake my place, holding up your garrish ovular cranium and feas+ing on your mush drain.~
PO: ~do you fucking HEAR me.~