AH: XDXD Okay so I know I just said that I’d love to continue staying plastered to the bumps of my ass cocoon but just to let you know I did gather all of this information and told you some deep dark secrets in the secret hope that it might be useful here. XDXD
PO: ~well you're si++ing +here wi+h +he same kind of symbols in fron+ of you +oo~
PO: ~righ+?~

AH: XDXD Maybe? I still haven't seen yours but the numbers given in the memo and the numbers I have don't correlate. XDXD
AH: XDXD So I'm guessing these are those personal codes that were briefly mentioned. XDXD
AH: XDXD Which is kind of worrying given my really specific circumstances of acquiring them in the first place. I highly doubt the entire gang has been strung up by their dreams in the same way I have. XDXD
AH: XDXD Or, at least most of them haven’t? XDXD
AH: XDXD I'll cross my fingers to every level of broken folded twists I can manage on the ideal situation that they haven't. XDXD
AH: XDXD But I digress. XDXD