AH: XDXD By the way, have you been doing any more thinking on what this all is accomplishing? XDXD
PO: ~depends on wha+ you mean.~
AH: XDXD I'm not sure I know what I mean. XDXD
AH: XDXD I mean... I think I want to know what I mean too. XDXD
AH: XDXD I've already mentioned it, but this still just feels so unreal. XDXD
AH: XDXD We've gotten extensive explanations and directions and clear immediate goals, but none of them add up or make any damn sense unless you've got some sort of insider information or something. XDXD
AH: XDXD Even the smallest glints of knowledge we have so far only makes things more confusing. XDXD
AH: XDXD And everything seems so tailored to US, specifically! I mean, the tutorial even stated that in plain terms. XDXD
AH: XDXD It's unsettling. XDXD
PO: ~arcjec.~
PO: ~I don'+ +hink.~
PO: ~I ac+.~
PO: ~con+inuing +o mull over +his in circles is poin+less un+il we have more informa+ion. i+s no+ going +o make +his si+ua+ion any be++er.~
PO: ~s+op +rying +o ra+ionalize +he irra+ional.~
PO: ~+he only way +o ge+ resul+s is +o s+op +alking +o me and mumbling +o yourself and DO i+.~
PO: ~i've already +old you +his.~