Arcjec: Grab your scythe.

Leaving that conversation without another word, you retrieve the one thing you feel the need to take from your hive. You have no idea what might be in store next and it never hurts to have a weapon to defend yourself with, if any situations find themselves getting a tad hairy down the line.

Not that this thing is actually useful in any material way. You just BARELY know how to swing it without falling on your ass and breaking your spine in the process.

Scythes are the standard issue protective gear for all the grubs on your planet — a needed precaution against the onslaught of dangerous creatures that inhabit each and every corner of it. This won't really help them with anything that has the equivalent motor skill to a freshly graduated tyke, but it's the gesture that counts. Somewhat.

Most trolls get a weapon more befitting of their personality and martial prowess later in life, but you've never had a reason to use this thing in the first place. You have your rather gifted set of circumstances to thank for that.

Nevertheless, these current circumstances are the opposite of "gifted", so you allocate it back into your STRIFE SPECIBUS for the first time in recent memory.

Right. Inventory done.