Arcjec: Captchalogue book.

You captchalogue the book into your REPLICA MODUS.

Once captchalogued, the modus will automatically generate a ghost image of the item in question inside the inventory. The two iterations of the object are linked.

When retrieving an item, you can either choose the real iteration or the phantom iteration. Phantom items tend to have a more potent intended effect compared to its real version, when applicable — the workings of your modus are highly case-dependent and specific on that front. It also has the side effect of making the newly made phantom item rather fragile and/or volatile, once it is taken out of its card.

This means you basically have an infinite supply of CODE RED, which is usually what you have stored inside — as long as you don't take out the real item.

PHANTOM CODE RED is pretty alright, when the can doesn't explode. Not nearly as spooky as the name makes it sound.