Enter name.

Your name is ELLSEE RAINES.

You belong to a ONE-OF-A-KIND BLOODLINE, unique to yourself, your ANCESTOR and your LUSII. No one else on the entire planet, dead or alive, has ever shared the specific shade you have running through your veins. As such, your custodians have spent the majority of their time teaching you how to survive ON THE RUN FROM DANGER, scrounging what you're able from the environment around you. They came to you as soon as you were born, taking you in as their own, and you love them all dearly — as maddening as their overprotectiveness can be at times.

A non-negligible amount of LOST MEMORIES are more than familiar to you, due to the FORGOTTEN KNOWLEDGE your lusii have entrusted you with. They are part of your inheritance, which also includes SPECIAL ARTIFACTS your ancestor left you after her death: an ENCHANTED BOOK OF ANCIENT WISDOM and a HEXED STAFF, ornamented with THE SKULL OF A CREATURE YOU DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT.

You spend a majority of your time studying your book, which has taught you how to craft PERSONAL INCANTATIONS and ELIXIRS, just as she once had. You absolutely do NOT partake in that awful, hypocritical fortune telling nonsense, which you LOATHE WITH A FIERCE PASSION. If anyone claims they can predict the future, they are either a deluded fool or a filthy liar.

Not that you're... entirely innocent on that last front, but you still have your DIGNITY, damn it.

Your more casual interests include the art of THE DANCE, which you find is a particularly joyful and exhilarating activity, on top of being a great way to WORK OUT YOUR FRUSTRATIONS when words fail you. You've also taken to a bit of INTERIOR DECORATING, in an attempt to make your TINY TENT feel a little more cozy. You're getting pretty good at it!

You've settled down on this new location quite RECENTLY — right next to one of your FEW, PRECIOUS FRIENDS. You think you're finally going to INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO HIM soon! If you can work up the nerve to, that is.

Your trolltag is existereOracle and you SpΣak in thΣ tonguΣ of thΣ vivifiΣr, ΣvΣn if it's a littlΣ offputting.

What will you do?