Ellsee: Interview witness.

Before you even start your first question, Arcjec's lusus is already hopping around your feet and screaming his little lungs out.

He says that not too long ago, his boy fell through the window, came back inside covered in mud, cleaned himself up and didn't even acknowledge his dear old lusus! He then arranged a pile of papers around himself before falling asleep, only to be assaulted by a strange floating thing a few hours later! Oh, he had tried to protect his boy, but there were so many loud noises outside that he simply hid behind the refrigerator. Alas, before he even had the chance to react, there was a loud crash and the rushing sound of wind, and then his boy was gone and the entire hive shook with an explosive force!

He says that he's been trying to find him for a long time, but he can't leave this room! He is extremely worried! His boy always does such troubling things after he goes to sleep, nothing good can come out of this situation! He is BEGGING you to help him find his boy!!!