ZEHANPURYU: my name is zehanpuryu.
ZEHANPURYU: i would like to consider myself a friend, and i am here to help you prepare for the journey ahead.
ZEHANPURYU: i am one of the thirteen forces that will be integral during you and your friends' play — forces that are key to reach the ultimate goal your group will aspire to.
ZEHANPURYU: in the process of your entry, you also released me from my confines. i then accompanied you through the portal and inside the medium.
ZEHANPURYU: my role is that of the denizen of breath, one of the twelve aspects of existence. these twelve aspects are all embodied by your party.
ZEHANPURYU: you, arcjec, are a unique vessel given the chance to grow into your own personal class, set to yield great power. all in due time, of course.
ZEHANPURYU: we are two halves of a whole, a bond yet to be formed.  
ZEHANPURYU: the purpose i serve you is to act as both an ally and as the guardian of a new world.
ZEHANPURYU: a world that will be molded by your actions taken right here, on this platform!