Enter name.

Your name is OCCEUS COLIAD.

You are a VERY AMBITIOUS MAN, a man currently working towards planetary salvation.

You have spent the majority of your life attempting to find a way to BRING BACK LOST SOULS and PROPERLY REVIVE TROLLS FROM THE DEAD with the hope of eventually granting UNTETHERED IMMORTALITY. Which you have made a large stride in progress with over the last two sweeps with the addition of LIME BLOOD, which you have discovered holds many potent LIFE BEARING PROPERTIES. It is a gift constantly given to you for work purposes by your MATESPRIT.

You use this gift in order to test reanimation on the PARASITIC UNDEAD looking for a fresh new host to feed within around the wasteland in which you reside; a desolate SKULLTITAN GRAVEYARD littered with the bones of many fallen beasts that weren’t lucky enough to make it into the planet's core during their retreat. Your lusus, a monolithic annelid known as an OUWORM guards you from these walking cadavers for the small price of it EATING MOST OF YOUR HAUL and leaving you with slim pickings for your work.  

Your most recent success has been crafted with your now assistant, ROGI. You imbued him with lime blood and named him after the four blood types he was crafted with. He also needs to be REPLENISHED WITH LIME BLOOD every so often in order to continue living. As his body is not capable of self maintenance or production as most living organisms are. Though he is much more even tempered than any of your other test subjects have been thus far, he is just as UNINTELLIGENT AND LACKING IN CONSCIOUSNESS. You have noted this may be because he never had a soul to begin with.

On the very off chance you aren’t busy with your work, you do have a couple LESSER INTERESTS to keep you occupied.

You regularly attempt to make contact with ALTERNATE DIMENSIONS of which you have never received an answer from. Though occasionally you tend to hear what sounds like STATIC through your MULTIVERSAL COMMUNICATOR. The noise sticks in your mind well after you leave, but it is low enough to where it doesn’t bother you if you DON’T THINK ABOUT IT.

You also spend time investigating the properties of your TRANSMUTED EPIPHYSIS CEREBRI which popped up just after you turned seven after a MAJOR TRAUMATIC EVENT. With its opening, however, you have gained more VISUAL INSIGHT into what you believe are the exact alternate dimensions you are trying to communicate with. Vague figures and apparitions appear out of the corners of this eye and are more numerous when making attempts to contact them.

Tonight, despite this recent failure, you still believe you are on the verge of another breakthrough.

You can see it.

Your trolltag is macabreExude and you speak with all eyes f.o.rward during c.o.nversati.o.n

What will you do?