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Your name is OCCEUS COLIAD.

You are a VERY AMBITIOUS MAN, with an EQUALLY AMBITIOUS GOAL: planetary salvation.

A majority of your life has been spent pursuing RESTORATION OF DEPARTED SOULS, with the hope of eventually arriving at UNTETHERED IMMORTALITY. Despite these seemingly impossible goals, you have made large strides in progress over the last two sweeps — all thanks to the addition of LIME BLOOD, which you have discovered holds potent LIFE-GIVING PROPERTIES. It is a gift and a closely guarded secret, bestowed upon you by your MATESPRIT.

Your current research focus lies on the reanimation of the PARASITIC UNDEAD that roam the wasteland you reside in: a desolate SKULLTITAN GRAVEYARD, littered with the bones of those fallen giants. Your lusus, a monolithic annelid known as an OUWORM, helps with keeping the walking cadavers at bay. By EATING MOST OF YOUR SPECIMENS. It's... bothersome at times, being left with nothing but slim pickings for your work, but it does make your research site safer. You suppose it's the thought that counts.

Regardless, you have managed to make do. One of your most recent successes has been relegated to cleaning duties: your treasured assistant, ROGI. He was artificially created using various body parts you scrounged from corpses, then imbued with lime blood, which needs to be REPLENISHED every so often. His name is an acronym of RUST, OCHRE, GREEN and INDIGO, after the blood shades he was crafted from. It took you some time to come up with that.

You might not be very good at naming things.

His body is sadly not capable of self maintenance, though he is much more even tempered than your other test subjects. As a downside, Rogi seems to be INCAPABLE OF HIGHER COGNITION AND REASONING, relegated to more base impulses and simple directives. You have hypothesized this may be due to his never having had an original SOUL to draw from.

Significantly lower on your priority list, you have a couple of OTHER INTERESTS that keep you occupied, on the very off chance that you aren't busy with your work.

You have spent a fair amount of time investigating the properties of your TRANSMUTED EPIPHYSIS CEREBRI, a strange mutation that manifested after you went through a MAJOR TRAUMATIC EVENT when you were seven. It is disconcerting, and has brought you many a sleepless night. You believe it has something to do with the bouts of DIZZYING HEADACHES you experience from time to time — unpleasant events that leave you fuzzy at the edges, sometimes resulting in MILD VISUAL HALLUCINATIONS.

In the process of looking for NEW INSIGHT into your condition, you have developed a certain fascination with the concept of ALTERNATE DIMENSIONS. It is an esoteric place to look for answers, but you might as well exhaust all your options, as unlikely as they are to yield any results. Although you have yet to arrive at any concrete answers, you can sometimes hear STATIC-LIKE SOUNDS through your MULTIVERSAL COMMUNICATOR. These incidents have been happening with increasing frequency, and the droning noise tends to stick in your mind well after you shut communications down, but it is quiet enough that it doesn't bother you if you DON'T THINK ABOUT IT.

Your trolltag is macabreExude and you always keep y.o.ur eyes l.oo.king f.o.rward during c.o.nversati.o.n

What will you do?